Showing off my new storytelling suitcase to Y2 children from St Bega's Primary School Hartlepool

on World Book Day March 2017

Come and pick a story from my storytelling suitcase

'Can you do this with your hands?'  Wonderful 30 minute storytelling session with Y4 class at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School in Ashton Under Lyne January 2017

'The old man pointed his stick and said "What are you two monkeys doing in this jungle?"'  Year 2 pupils enjoying a story at West Park Primary School Hartlepool.  My visit was the culmination of a special storytelling week in school to celebrate World Book Day

'and who was standing before him but the wild wolf of the windy wood!' Stories to stimulate speaking, listening and motor skills with Reception children at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School Ashton Under Lyne January 2017

After visiting each class in the school throughout the day, I rounded off World Book Day 2017 at St Bega's Primary School in Hartlepool with a whole school storytelling assembly where each class shared the story they had learned with the rest of the school

More fun in KS2 at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School Ashton Under Lyne January 2017

'There's naught to eat but rotten meat that'd make a dog turn pale for it's dainty board and lodging when you visit Norwich Gaol!'  Storyteller and author Matthew Crampton and I put the pupils of Trinity School Ford Shropshire into Norwich Gaol as we recreate a scene from our 2017 re working of classic Peter Bellamy Folk Opera the Transports March 2017

'New worlds are waiting to which we go'  Rachael McShane and I take on the roles of Henry Cable and Susannah Holmes transported to Australia in the First Fleet to leave England for the new colony in 1787 while Nancy Kerr, Paul Sartin and Benji Kirkpatrick look on  January 2017

Great 45 minute session with 60 year 4 pupils at Whitkirk Primary School Leeds March 2017

Traditional Folk Tale day with 3 Reception classes at Chorlton Primary School Manchester January 2016

Celebrating National Storytelling Week 2016 with pupils from West View Primary School Hartlepool

National Storytelling Week 2016 in Whitkirk Primary School Leeds

Pirate themed Storytelling Day with Early Years and Reception children St Marks Infant School Stockport February 2016

Recreating a story with Year 5 pupils from SS John Fisher and Thomas More Primary School Wythenshawe Manchester 2015

In my busier life!  The Young'uns win Best Group at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015